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We return to rehearsing for our Spring 2022 concert on Tuesday 4 January at Walthamstow Hall Junior School where we will be preparing Mozart’s Requiem (using the New Novello edition edited by Duncan Druce – NB there are multiple editions, so check you have the Druce one) and Haydn’s Nelson Mass (using the New Novello edition) and our Librarian, Brian Shirreff, has hire copies available at rehearsals at £1.50 per score for the Mozart and £1 for the Haydn (please bring exact money).

Some people prefer to hear their voicepart for private study between rehearsals and this is recommended for everyone, but especially for those who want to improve their music reading skills. These aids can be helpful for getting entries right and learning musical phrases as well as pitching notes. Generally, your part will be played out above the accompaniment, soloists and other parts, making it easier to learn both the notes of your part and where it “fits” against the other musical elements.

There are a number of rehearsal aids available for both works, including :

Choraline – highly recommended if you want to buy downloadable files/CD for your voicepart played by individual musicians on specified instruments :

If you prefer free downloads expect electric-organ style sounds. Both the providers listed below have been used by members before and found to be completey fit for purpose.

Cyberbass : you have to be on-line to use this application, but it has the advantage of controls over speed (ie slow the piece down in the early stages of learning) and to “loop” round over particularly tricky sections until you get it right.

John Fletcher : downloads each file you use onto your device from which you then play it (unsure if you can then save them eg to create a CD to play off-line)

If you know of other aids that you think would be useful to other members do please let us know either in person, at rehearsal, by email or send us a message using the form on the “CONTACT” page of this site.


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